We care - We share - We love!

  • We care for the local communities we visit and for people living in these unique regions.
  • We share with our guests the history and the secrets of our homeland, the habits, customs, feasts and everyday life of its inhabitants.
  • We love people, so we want our friends who will visit Greece to feel at home and love our country as much as we do.

Our common goal is to make new friends from all over the world, to accompany them on a unique cultural journey of hospitality and to share with them our vast knowledge of our land, making them feel at home. That’s why we plan only small group tours (up to 16 people each time); it is a choice that allows us to take care of all the details, with quality being our primary concern, create a friendly and intimate atmosphere, offer little surprises on a daily basis, satisfy the needs of our visitors as much as possible. We regard tourism as a factor of development for the areas we visit, but at the same time we place high importance on the warm hospitality and the exchange of cultural knowledge between all of us, the people at Emelia and our friends coming from all over the world.

We apply our Responsible Tourism Policy on every trip we organize helping the local communities we visit in many ways.

  • (a) By promoting local products and delicacies and encouraging our visitors to buy from small, local shops specialized in handmade textiles, authentic art and crafts, gastronomic products and local wines.

  • (b) By offering our guests, on the way to our destination, the chance to taste delicacies from the production of the region we will be visiting.

  • (c) By donating 1% of our gross annual income to charitable organizations in the Peloponnese, hoping that in this way we can offer some support to the local communities. Information regarding our donations will be posted on our FB page at the beginning of each year.

  • (d) By supporting since 2013 the Greek action of MB Energy “I gather caps…I share smiles”. With money from the sale of caps, trolleys for disabled people are purchased (www.mbgroup.gr - https://www.facebook.com/mazeuwkapakiamoirazwxamogela/ )

  • (e) By using only paper packages for our gifts and recycling the plastic bottles of water we offer to our visitors, making the best we can with the utmost respect to the local communities and to their environment.

  • (f) By offering high quality services (small boutique hotels, excellent family restaurants and wineries, young local guides, special treats during the journey with local products of small-scale producers, art-inspired gifts made by local artists- upon the completion of our tours).